The Soil Fertility Research Institute (SFRI) deals with the subject pertaining Soil Sciences that describes the physical and chemical characteristics of soil as a whole,Economy of Pakistan depends on the development of agriculture where as agriculture is dependent on productivity of soil. The improper fertilizer application by our farming community with continual cropping has resulted is decreased crop yield.

Moreover,Government established this organization in 1962 etc.

  • Assess fertilizer response in various ago-ecological zones / soil types in order to formulate economic fertilizer recommendations.
  • Indexation of plant nutrients in soil and plant tissue for monitoring their status.
  • Evaluate comparative agronomic efficiency of different commercial fertilizers.
  • Research on popularization of Integrated Plant Nutrition System ( IPNS ) for sustainable agriculture.
  • Find out appropriate time and method of fertilizer application in different cropping system.
  • Popularize the balanced fertilizer use to get economic yield. Advisory services to farming community for economic use of soil, water and fertilizer resources and reclamation of salt affected soils.
  • Monitoring quality of fertilizers Survey and test the suitability of ground water for irrigation purposes.
  • Provide analytical service to fertilizer / amendments manufacturers for quality of their products..

The practical problems are with identification of deficiency and dose of fertilizer application to harvest economical crops yields. For wise use of fertilizers, due consideration be given to nutrient supplying capacity of soil and quantity of nutrients required to get target yield. This information can be obtained by soil or plant tissue analysis. Soil tests are also gaining popularity among the farmers for seeking recommendations for the reclamation of saline/sondic soils for economic utilization of natural resources. Use of ground water and its use without any amendment will deteriorate the productive soil through secondary Stalinization.

Keeping in view the importance of soil and water analysis and balance use of fertilizers to enable the farming community to increase their per acre yield and bring more area under cultivation, Government established this organization. Since inception this department is extending services to farming community of the Punjab province for efficient use of their soil and water resources. This institute comprises two main wings i.e. Field Wing and Laboratory Wing.



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